NES Classic Being Cancelled, SNES Classic Rumored

well we all know this day would come.  I just don’t think any of us foresaw it happening withing 6 MONTHS of its initial release.  The NES Classic is officially dead.

To clarify, this whacky statement came out of nowhere Thursday afternoon when Nintendo of America announced that they were shipping out the last of their quantities through the rest of April and cease all further production, effective immediately.

The system, if you can still find it is valued at $59 at places like Walmart and Target and other legitimate department stores.  If you go to places such as Gamestop, EB Games, or other video game specific retailers now, you will be looking at well over $100 and if you’re looking on the internet like eBay and Amazon, you will be astonished to find that the prices start at $300.

There is however, a silver lining.  Eurogamer has made several statements over the past few years about Nintendo products, most of the time before Nintendo ever officially announces them.  Eurogamer in most cases has also been right, and while we don’t know what their sources are, they must be confident in those sources, as Eurogamer stated the following:

“The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo’s official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year,” Eurogamer continued on to say. “Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated.”


It’s definitely a bittersweet moment for old school Nintendo fans as they lose one retro console in exchange for another one.

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