TheFlow releases a minor update for Adrenaline!

As you might know, developer theFlow released last Saturday Adrenaline v3, well, today he releases a minor update for it, the changes in this version are:


  • Added support for cwcheat in PS1 games.
  • Fixed sound problems after exiting a PS1 game.
  • Fixed ‘Please wait…’ bug in some games.
  • Fixed problem where mounting ur0: as USB device would cause problems in the live area.

With this update, theFlow will take a break, so keep in mind:

At the same time, developer Freakler releases a new update for the EasyInstaller, it comes with this new changes and  Freakler’s camera_patch_lite plugin for Adrenaline is also working now.

Just install this version and it will apply the changes to the previous EasyInstaller version.


That’s it for this time !

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Happy Easter !


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  1. All my ps1 games work apart from one. I can’t get Rugrats – Search for Reptar to work. It wont start.