PSVita FW 3.65 released and what does it do

Yes.. It’s here, FW 3.65 on the PSVita! It was just released less then an hour ago and once again it only gets stability (that means that they’re going to block the kexploit), so if you’re using the 3.63 FW don’t update or you’ll lose the access to ARK. 

PSVita FW 3.65

There is some good news… it seems that just like before Sony left the VHBL, Emulator bubbles, Custom Themes, and the PSTV Whitelist hax ver:2 alone because they are all still working just fine on FW 3.65 but the sad news is Ark does not work on FW3.65. Now we haven’t used PSVIMGTOOL to check if all that is still working but my guess is that they have no way to stop that at the moment just like the pboot trick.

If you’re using the FW 3.60 at this moment you’re going to have access to the PSN by using the spoof but they will fix this, so you must hurry up to get all your games or apps.

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  1. You can spoof 3.65 on 3.63!
    if you set your DNS to Henkaku DNS! (

  2. If we make vita think its on lower firmware than 3.60 (or the .pup file on highter ver.) will be possible to “Downgrade upgrade”?

  3. help me i accidenty updated my framewire to 3.65 and cant access to ark2

  4. please make a ark 3.65?

    • Need another kexploit and the shitty part is since PSVIMGTOOL everyone can install it. So if PSVIMGTOOL never got released Sony probably would have left Ark alone since you could not put it on 3.63 without an extra vita on FW3.60

      • ok? maybe soon you make a another ARK? for 3.65?

      • Please Hackinformer..Make a new kexploit for 3.65 and we can play psp gamess? Pleaseeeeee. i begging you..

        • Are you stupid or what? Hackinformer only brings news to hacks or exploits from the actual creators of the hacks. You are asking at the wrong person.

          • Well I know of one kexploit left and I do not think the guy will ever be used by the public. Also, all my exploits died a long time ago with the big leak, Nova was great and even Night fight, DBZ, GOW but whatever. No more hunting since that day happened in epsp for me, I lost a lot..

  5. i to request to make a ark2 for pavita 3.65

  6. but cant install vbhl too

  7. How do i continue using ps network if i only have ark2 installed and im on 3.63

  8. can i still install ark ? im 6.63.

  9. vhbl is not responding psvita 3.65

  10. I’m at 3.63 but I don’t have a psp game installed? So I can’t use ark right? Thanks should I update?

  11. how do i run vhbl on 3.65 without geting error c1-2858-3?

  12. So I updated to 3.65 and I’m an idiot. Will a hack come out in the future for HENkaku or Ark on fw 3.65? Thanks!

  13. Is the custom theme tutorial up to date? I follow all steps but at the end the backup wont show under restore.

  14. So the backup editing tool for installing the whitelist hack still works on 3.65?

  15. i am using ape quest as psp save folder for vhbl

  16. Hi I’m currently on 3.63. I can’t sign in to PSN to download a demo game. It’s asking for update. I haven’t activated my system yet. Is there any way I can still install ark?

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