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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Final Specs Released!

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced a lineup of games, the XBOX One S, and the all too mysterious “Scorpio”.  They talked about it having teraflops of power and a larger hard drive and a true 4K gaming experience.  None of this was to overshadow the XBOX One S of course but to lay the groundwork.  They said that they would be announcing more as we all approached the Holiday 2017 release date.

Now here we are inching ever closer to Microsoft’s official E3 2017 conference and, as promised, Microsoft announced more information as they promised.  And as they promised, the Scorpio does indeed meet the minimum that they had shared with us at E3 2016.  Below is a graph comparing the PS4 Pro and XBOX One (S).Project Scorpio Final Specs

Microsoft said this of their upcoming console:

“All existing Xbox games (including Xbox One Backward Compatible titles) will run smoother, look better and load faster without requiring an update or any work from developers. All games running on Project Scorpio will achieve more consistent frame rates, faster load times, improved anisotropic filtering, and will run at their peak resolution if the title implemented dynamic scaling. In addition, developers will also have the option to update existing titles to further take full advantage of Project Scorpio’s advanced capabilities including full 4K assets and 4K resolution.”

Now the “most powerful console ever” title has me so hyped and it should very well have all of you hyped too.  Again, the release date is Holiday 2017, price, and the official title should be announced in the coming months.  A video of the full list of features on top of the specs are in the video below.  Give it a watch, it’s a very informed 15 minutes!



Stay tuned, we will keep bringing you updates as they come especially during E3 2017, here on Hackinformer.com and follow us on Twitter @Hackinformer

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