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Morphus X300 gaming tablet that packs a punch

While I was at CES2017 one gaming table caught my eye and its called the Morphus X300. At first glance, it kind of looks strangely familiar to the Nintendo Switch but that’s not the case with Morphus X300.

x3001This tablet has already been released, about 2 years ago and was launched at the Global Sources Electronics Show back in 2015. Also, it’s not like we haven’t seen other companies try this type of add-on controllers for tablets or smartphones. So the Morphus X300 is not copying Nintendo or vise/verse, the Morphus X300 is more than just a gaming console unlike the Nintendo Switch, it can be your all in one entertainment station.morphus

With Morphus x300 running Android 5.1.1, Lollipop you have access to all the great mobile games, Movies, and Apps the Google play store has to offer. It can also do 3D Glasses-Free with its IPS display and with the Octa Core processor and Octa Core GPU, it packs enough punch to be a great emulation station, with N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and so much more.morphus2

On top of the Morphus x300 being a mobile gaming tablet it can also hook up right to your TV and with its docking station it makes it a snap to go from mobile to the big screen. They also make a jointer for the controller to make them feel just like a wireless game controller. morphus-x300

I would really like to get one of these to give it a full review and put it to the test but from what I time I got to play with it at CES I can say it’s a solid gaming device and for sure think its worth picking up for any type of gamer or for any casual players.

15826815_694109624101192_6396353937116190526_nPrice Range will be between MSRP $329:$399

Full Specifications

Processor: Octa Core A7 – Cortex ARM (1.7ghz)
GPU: Octa Core Power VR SGX544 MP2 – 700 MHz
Operating system: Android 5.1.1, Lollipop
Camera resolution (180 Rotate): 8.0mpixel + Auto focus
Internal memory: 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM ” 64GB/128GB Optional”
External memory: Up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately)
Main display resolution: 8″ – 1280 x 800 2D/3D IPS Screen
HDMI 4k output: HDMI ” Micro HDMI “
Battery: Li-ion – 5200mah “ 5 Hours Working life “
20161223190015_535Network: Dual Band Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/a (2.4Ghz / 5.0Ghz) Bluetooth: 4.0 Version
Tab size: 218.5*131.5*11.3mm
Controller size: 111mm x 60mm x38.5mm
Weight: 0.65kg with Controller – 0.48kg without controller
Package contents: Morphus X300 – Travel adapter Micro USB cable – OTG
Cable Quick start guide


Extra Accessorize
Docking Station: Easy Contact with TV
Controller Joint Unit: joint 2 Side Controller as One Part.

It’s available to get via Amazon here and at Morphus X store.

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  1. I think I’ll wait for the Nintendo Switch

  2. I don’t like the look of that right hand button “disc”. Can you even do multiple button presses on it (Y+A, for instance)?

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