3DS: How to use soundHAX

If you read up on article, then you know about all the latest hacks coming to the 3DS. Developer nedwill has published 1 of exploits from the 33C3 event via Github. A new exploit dubbed “soundHAX” gives you access to the homebrew launcher without needing a game to exploit. Best of all, you don’t even need internet access to launch the homebrew launcher. This vulnerability exploits the default sound application preinstalled on all 3DS devices.soundhax

All Models and regions are now supported! It should be noted that bigger SD Cards require longer loading times before the exploit can be launched 

  1. Place your SD Card into the computer.
  2. Download Homebrew Launcher Starter Kit and unzip it.
  3. Simply unzip and place the contents of the “starter” folder in the root of you SD Card. (allow the files to overwrite if asked).
  4. Download soundHAX and grab the corresponding version that suits your needs.
  5. Copy the corresponding soundhax-(your region)-(your model of 3ds).m4a file from the “soundhax-master” folder and place it in the root your SD Card.
  6. Make and Download your otherapp.bin from the “Otherapp/ropbin payload” section and rename it to “otherapp”, it is already a bin format and there’s not need to add the extension again.
  7. Move your newly named “otherapp.bin” file to the root of the SD Card.
  8. Place your SD Card into the 3DS.
  9. Boot up the 3DS and launch the sound application.
  10. Search in the SD Card folder using its file browser function. (wait for the function to load).
  11. Press play on the sound file
  12. ???
  13. Profit!!!

Have fun and stayed tuned for additional upcoming hacks for your Nintendo devices!

Edit: I’m sorry I’ve been negotiating a proper update and its easier to setup thanks to the official soundHAX site.

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Source: Github & Twitter

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  1. I love this site.
    My girl friend just lost my cubic ninja and I was double thinking about buyING another one for 60$

    I’m glad I waited.
    This is awesome

  2. Thanks!! i bought a used “new3ds xl” and it was updated to the recent firmware and this works in a few seconds!!

  3. Thank you! It works!

  4. is it doable on a 2ds , with the latest firmware ?

  5. mine just says an error has occurred can some one please help

    • Make sure that you downloaded the Otherapp payload and not the ropbin payload. Also make sure there isn’t any other music files on your system.

  6. Just tried it on old 3ds and it is not working? I have followed all steps properly but still won’t open, it says error then restarts my console? Anyone can help? I have the version europe. Thanks 🙁

  7. Hi. after playing the m4a file, i am stuck on the red screen. Tried resetting but still stuck. Any suggestions?

  8. I have two new 3ds’s, one xl, one normal, and get an error and restart message upon playing the file. Any ideas?

  9. I got homebrew to launch but it freezes on a black top screen and a red bottom screen, I am on a 2ds. Am I doing something wrong?

    • seeing as I have followed the directions and cautions from the comments on this post (I also have a 2DS), i believe either that one must install Python 2.7 and devkitpro (mentioned on the soundhax website but did not clearly state whether it is necessary for the soundhax or not) or there is a soundhax update needed .

  10. So i copied everything onto the sd card and theres nothing at all cept for the hacks on there. I go to the sound app and I play “<3 nedwill 2016" and i get a black screen it says some things really fast and it just takes me back to the home screen and when i re open the app i still dont have any of the usage tips and nothing else changes. someone help?

  11. I have an Old3dsXl version 11.2.0-35E and it doesnt work for me. I extracted The Homebrew Starter Kit, the soundhax-eur-o3ds.m4a file and the otherapp.bin (all into the root and otherapp.bin done right)

    I get the “robpin is ready” Screen but then it kicks me out again. (And yes pressed a when clicking on the sound file)

  12. EDIT: I downloaded the 10.2 Version instead of 11.2. I am dumb… Atleast its working now 🙂

  13. whenever i run soundhax all i see is a red and black screen after the text

  14. Hi guys i need help ive placed the sd card in my 3ds and i have bought up the file 3 nedwill 2016 but it has a red circle in front of the file with a red cross through it please help.

  15. I already had the starter kit so I wasn’t sure if it was a newer version. I just d/loaded it, and now everything looks different than before. I can see icons instead of question marks, but like I told Japancake and Bubble2k16, when I click on the SNES9x emulator, the bottom screen turns different colors and then goes to a yellow screen and gets frozen w/lines on the top screen. Am I doing something wrong or could my system be corrupted or something? I have tried everything, and yes, I pushed A to play the sound, and it loaded into the Homebrew Launcher. BlargNES seems to work perfectly fine, but when I play my SMW game w/custom graphics and custom music, it gives me an error or something, The same thing happens when I try to load SMW2 in BlargNES.

  16. Hey everyone I’ve just downloaded this for old 3ds xl and all I’m getting after I play soundhax is black top screen and red bottom screen, I’ve extracted starter and pressed A to play the sound file. Anything other reason this could be happening?

  17. Well I had managed a 4 times to enter the homebrew more agr every time I try dps of the letters appearing screen of top becomes black and the yellow lower screen already tried more than 10 times to restart the console nothing else happens please help me !!

  18. Leaving the 3ds folder and boot.3dsx in the root folder fixed my red screen (of death). Thanks for the tip!

  19. What is the use of this thing? It works, and now what … any ideas

  20. I tried doing this, but when I try to open up Homebrew it keeps saying “An error has occured, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart.”. My ultimate guess was that it was because of in the properties, it opens to VLC media player. as in, “Opens with: VLC media player”. That was my guess and I really have no idea what else it is! Please help me and thank you.

  21. So I followed all the steps, and I have the nedwill sound file. I hit play on the sound file, but I don’t even get the black/red/any other color screen, it just takes me right back to the home menu and says an error ocurred, forcing the software to close. The system will now restart. What is wrong?

  22. EDIT: I realized that the necessary files weren’t in the root of my SD card, so I moved them there, and I am now getting a red/green flashing TOP screen, but still getting the error message that forces the software to close. So, still no Homebrew.

  23. Does this work on New Nintendo 2DS?

  24. What to do if you have New 2DS XL?

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