How to find the latest blockbuster movie leaks

Blockbuster movies always seem to get leaked on-line but knowing when it will happen is always a mystery. Most of the time you have to dig and do a lot of searching just to find it.  A new tool called Squawkr can alert you when the next blockbuster movie has been leaked.squaw1

Squawkr is a very simple tool to use and does not give out links to any of the movies that have been leaked. Instead it just alerts you that the movie has been leaked and that it maybe on one of the many torrent sites out there.squamail2

Quote:I wanted to make Squawkr simple and easy to use, while being a powerful tool. It’s very intuitive. Just log in, start adding movies and get notified. That’s it,” Jacob says.”

The interesting part for me is how tools like this get made and have no legal ramification just like many torrent site out there. I’m no white night and remember the days of Napster & direct connect but we all seen what happens to them. Most of the time big companies shut them down fast and threat to sue them. The developer of Squawkr know that there are some big risks in making a tool like this but since there are no links to any of the leaked movies its ok from a legal stand point I guess.

I don’t condone piracy but torrent sites and illegal downloading will always be around. Its up to you if you want to be a pirate or help support something you like. Whats your opinion on tools like this and do you think it hurts the industry, leave a comment below.


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