PlayStation owners beware of password reset scam

For the last few weeks, I noticed that one of my PlayStation accounts kept getting an email that looks like it was sent by Sony. It was asking me to validate my password providing a link to have it checked or changed, like if you lost your password.  Now I never lost my password or ask for it to be reset, so I would just delete the emails and continue to use PSN like I normally word.scamalert

A few days go by and I keep on getting these email so I did a little digging on the net to see if anyone else was getting these emails, low and behold I wasn’t alone. Other people were reporting the same thing I was and this isn’t anything new as there always someone out there trying to scam you for your password.

This is one of the main reason PlayStation started doing two-factor authentication to help fight against email phishing scams but it will never stop a scammer from trying to get your info. Here is what the email will look like and if you look at the address it comes from you will know that its fake.


Now if you are worried you have been hacked, please contact PlayStation immediately and also please tell your friends about this email phishing scam, so everyone is aware of what’s going on.



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  1. Glad to hear that im not the only one …

  2. I’ve received this e-mail, then I tried to login into the Sony website, I was able, but asked me to change my password anyway.

    So I’ve changed.

  3. Boaty Mc Boatface

    Never click on any link in any email in relation to changing your PSN password…if you do then its your own fault and do not have the Nands to be on a computer so you deserve what you get….will you open the front door at 3am asthe person on the other side says its your uncle ..even though you know it can not be him ?…No so don’t do the same in emails from Nigerian scum bags

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