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Earth has been invaded by a perverse race of bio-mechanical beings from outer-space known as Zeetnuks.
A group of humans organize themselves to resist the invasion but soon discover they don’t stand any chance against the enemy’s technological superiority. The Resistance decides to embark on an ambitious project: combining human and alien engineering, they set out to create a fleet of ships to fight the invaders.

This is where your story begins.

You take on the role of Desmond Phoenix, a skilled pilot, and the narrator of this story as told through journal entries and mission briefing, as you explore this foreboding landscape. You will soon find more trouble than you bargained for.

DOGOS is an SHUMP that lives up to that title, with furies of fire and destruction. This leads to an awesome game that is a very easy to pick up and a joy to play.


As you travel through 14 levels of 3D open world combat you will find such joy in the destruction of the Zeetnuks.


Along with small battles,the large and changeling boss battles keep this game moving forward in all directions. There are many different blaster and missile upgrades that all add their own flare the death you dish out.


DOGOS sends you on a ride that every SHUMP fan needs to check out, there is such a need for this in this gen of games.

The levels are well thought out and offer nice varying degrees of difficulty for all players. The 3D allows for a gameplay that few dare to try and few pull off, and yet DOGOS comes out ahead and shows you it’s not messing around.

This game is worthwhile to buy and is a must for any fan’s of Project Root, and  SHUMP games will find this to be one you will enjoy for days to come.

Now, I do have one issue with the game, that could have pushed me over the top. It was the music in the game as it felt like it was lacking something and didn’t make me feel like I was in the action. It was slightly lackluster compared to the sounds of the weapons and explosions that were going on all around.

On that last note, I give this game a  7/10 as in the game has fun controls, sweet weapons, and enough bad guys to make you squirm. I just would have liked to have seen some more depth and feeling in the music.

DOGOS will be out Sept 6 on the PS4 for $11.99 and Sept 7 for XBox One, and PC, so please grab your copy as soon as you can.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

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