PSVita: How to get Package Installer on 3.60 without IDU Mode

Thanks to a few people over at talk who shared the Package Installer of a DevKit Vita we can now exchange the retail blocked package Installer with the DevKit one and use it in normal mode again. Remember you will still only be able to install DRM Free PKGs. To be able to use Package Installer on 3.60 without having to use IDU Mode we will have to change a few files in vs0. As long as you follow this exactly there should not be a chance of bricking your Vita. So get ready to pwn your Vita and install PKGs again :D.

Once again if you don’t follow directions & read you could brick your Vita.

What you need:
FTP Client on your PC (I use FileZilla in the Tutorial)
MolecularShell or anything with FTP
DevKit PKG Installer (Not sure if I can link directly cause it’s from a DevKit but you’ll find the file there)

So let’s get started to exchanging the PKG Installer on your Vita 😀
1. Start MolecularShell on your Vita and click “Select” to start the FTP Server
2. Open FileZilla and connect to your PSVita like shown here
VitaRW Filezilla
3. Copy VitaRW.vpk to ux0: and then install it on your Vita.
4. Close MolecularShell and launch VitaRW.It will auto exit after a few seconds. If not press start or just exit the app if it only goes to partition 0x800.  It should look like this: NO SYSTEM APPS WILL WORK WHILE USING VITARW. They will all crash so when you’re done with exchanging you need to reboot.
5. Now open MolecularShell and start FTP again. Now on PC go to vs0:app/ and delete NPXS10031 or move it as a backup to another location. Next upload the DevKit NPXS10031. It should look like this:
Package Installer copy
6. If you already have PKG Installer as Bubble on Livearea you can just reboot now and have fun with PKG Installer on retail FW ^^. If you don’t have it on Livearea don’t reboot just yet. Follow this tutorial to get Package Installer on Livearea.

I hope this helped you exchange the PKG Installer 😀
Thanks to everyone involved in getting the DevKit Files and getting this to work 😀

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  1. My Vita won’t go past 0x800, and I think it needs more permissions in order to work because I can’t delete my vs0:/app/NPXS10031 file or replace it in anyway

    • NVM I had to Click the PlayStation button, and enter the app again without closing it down completely in order to have it continue the RW process

  2. What does the PKG installer do? I’m just wondering if it has any practical use.

    • hackinformer

      Not really you can only do DRM free demo’s.. so I never see why so many people are like the package installer as it’s nothing like the PS3 if that is what everyone else is thinking.

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