PSVita FW update 3.61 is out and what does it do.

vitahenkakuWell, it looks like the cat and mouse game is back on with Sony releasing a new update for the PSVita in light of the new hack HENkaku. A lot of us that are not new to the scene knew this was coming but like always just don’t know when it will happen. Most of the time it takes sony just a few days or even a few months to patch exploits and this time it was a whole 10 days.

Like always there is nothing special about this update all it does is patch HENKaku. So that means, no more access to native emulators, homebrew, apps, and whatever else comes to HENkaku. So DO NOT update to 3.61FW if you want to keep using HENkaku.PS4 remoteplay

Remote Play still works on FW3.60 for now but once Sony releases the next FW update for the PS4 it’s going to ask you to update if you are on FW3.60. The next thing is you can use vita update blocker for the next few days if you need access to PSN but get what you need now as vita update blocker only works for so long. You can find vita update blocker here.

If you updated to FW3.61 by accident, or you little brother did it, your kid updated it, or whatever happen. There is some good news, it seems just like before Sony has left the VHBL bubble, custom themes and the PSTV whitelist hax ver2 alone. They only patched HENkaku and access to making any of the hacks.Vita_backup_Vita_vhbl_themes

Now VHBL, custom themes, whitelist hax have to be done on FW3.60 or lower as there is no way to install them on 3.61 since it was just released. Once again DO NOT update to FW3.61 or you will lose HENkaku.  If you need any help always check out our guide here and our forums here.

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  1. This is why I hate Sony ? But at least some things are carried over

  2. I am on 3.60FW. Can I still copy psp games from my ps3 to my vita?

  3. So, Sony still hasn’t officially taken down the blacklist? 🙁

  4. I was on vita looking at my custom made themes then fell asleep then next thing i wake to find is that new update is out and figured if my auto update was unchecked to my surprise it was checked because of restoring the vita a while back i unchecked it immmediately, i quickly checked notifications to see anything downloading then i saw just a second was left for software update to download completely because my vita’s battery died and i left it to charge and i did even know it started downloading.I was luckily saved there as i cancelled the download.I m relieved that ps4 remote play still works

  5. Well, here’s hoping Henkaku may lead to a CFW down the road. Having more direct access to the Vita is obviously a very good thing. Then Sony can go F themselves.

    Why would they bother combating this at this stage? Taking away what are essentially just emulators. There aren’t even any Vita backups that can be used with this. Or maybe Sony realized that this could lead to Vita backups. Who knows.

    In any case, just hoping this leads to cracking the system wide open. Then I may blow the dust and dinosaur turds off mine and actually use it again. Not a big fan of a “per use” hack, which is why I haven’t bothered with Henkaku.

  6. New to this so be gentle.
    I have VHBS on the Vita but it’s running on 3.61 is there any way to get emulators installed on VHBS by using the CMA?

  7. Damn SQNY, let my henkaku alone

  8. So can I still play non-ps tv games if I update my ps tv to 3.6.1? Or will I be blocked out from them again? Just asking for maximun clarity.

  9. hackinformer

    As long as you have done the whitelist hax ver 2, it will stick if you update. Same goes for custom themes.

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