So you just got a Playstation Vita…. where can you get import games?

So if you just got a Playstation Vita, I want to say, welcome! Congrats on getting one of the best handheld devices out there. In the wake of the Henkaku homebrew Vitas have been flying off the shelves quicker than usual.  If you are interested in what Henkaku can do for you, visit our forums here or our new section on the site here for all your needs. A question I been getting lately (I got asked this 6 times this past weekend) is “I got a vita, where can I import games?” This post was inspired by that question.


The place I import all my games are or visit or Play-asia store page here ( I would appreciate using this link because we get a kickback being an affiliate). That is the short and sweet version of this. However, for a more in-depth reading, continue on.playasia-coupon-code

On this site, you can import stuff from overseas that we normally do not have in the United States. This post will be about Region 3 English import games. Next installment will be recommended accessories for your new fancy vita.

On this page, you can see The Region 3 English version of games we will not get in the United States (and some cases Europe). It is basically any region outside of Japan. There is a ton of titles to choose from. This is a good thing to pick up a physical copy of any of these games over digital, reason being the memory cards for the Vita are entirely too expensive for the size provided. Get these physical copies and save some room on that memory card. I will recommend a few of these games here.




In this installment of Gundam, the player will fight alongside or against major Gundams (and their respective pilots) in a deep story that takes twists and turns. It is an adventure that you should not miss. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Gundam games out to do date. If you do not want to give up around 3 GB on your vita memory card, grab it from playasia here.


Gundam Breaker 3

A favorite franchise among fans, Gundam Breaker 3 offers more than it’s predecessor. In Gundam Breaker 3, you get parts of different Mobile Suits and combine them to form the best mobile suit you can. You swap parts and adapt as you are playing the game. The story is fantastic (from what I hear). I will be reviewing this title in the near future, so stay tuned. This game is currently only available in the Japan and Asia regions. Luckily for you, Playasia has you covered. Grab it here.



Moe Chronicle

A fantastic dungeon crawler with some accompanying fanservice, Moe Chronicle offers a great experience. The game is only available in the Asian and Japanese Regions. Playasia offers a localized and uncensored version of the game. The only way to get a physical copy is through Playasia. Purchase it here.


A.W : Phoenix Festa

Part visual novel, part adventure, part RPG = ALL FUN! A.W: Phoenix Festa just hit the America PSN last week and has been getting good reception. The game runs nearly 2-3 GB on your memory card and is only available in the digital format. Thanks to PlayAsia you can now get the uncensored version with English localization. Purchase it here.


If you are iffy about any of these titles, keep it locked here on Hackinformer. I will be pushing out reviews over the next weeks for each of these games. It will be fun times for me to play and write up about them. I hope it will be fun times to read all of these reviews and recommendations. Once again, if you are interested in any of these titles, play-asia has you covered with physical copies. If you have any particular requests, leave a comment or hit me up on twitter @mgs2master2.


Til next recommendations post, Mgs2master2 out!


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