PSVita Digital Game/Cartridge Game/DLC/Savedata decryption on 3.60!

Well it seems that Major_Tom just won’t and can’t stop!

He has just released PSVita Digital Game/Cartridge Game/DLC/Savedata decryption on 3.60!

Here is a little of what he had to say :

It has been reported many times that mr.gas‘ trick to dump unencrypted files from ux0:app was patched in 3.60, but it’s not actually exact.

What has been patched is the PBOOT.PBP dumper trick. MolecularShell can’t access other applications files, that is why applying mr.gas’ trick doesn’t seem to work on 3.60.So, how to do it again ?

Well, we’ll be taking advantage of how the vita handles game updates.Game updates are installed in ux0:patch/[TITLEID].

They have the very same structure as ux0:app/[TITLEID].Thanks to HENkaku, we can run unsigned eboot.bin.

We will basically be hijacking the main game binary with our dumper.Install MolecularShell in ux0:patch/[TITLEID] (exact same files as if they were in ux0:app/MLCL00001), where [TITLEID] is the game you want to decrypt (same for cartridges game).

All in all it looks like were in for some interesting homebrew and more in HENkaku very soon, by the awesome dev’s in this like Major_Tom and the rest in the PS Vita scene. You can also read more about theses new tricks here or check out the video below.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.



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