Introspection: Making your mobile device safe from the NSA & more

When Edward Snowden met with reporters in a hotel room in Hong Kong to spill the secrets of the NSA, he asked journalists to put their phones in the fridge to block radio signals that could be used to activate the microphones or cameras dispositive. Now, he is cooperating with Andrew “bunnie” Huang a hardware hacker and might be best known for cracking open the original Xbox. They want to create an iPhone case to monitor all the communications that your phone makes, even in plane mode.


The device is coupled to the physical level to measure the signals of the bus communication hardware that are used by the communication elements of a terminal, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM communications, 2G, 3G connections, 4G, the RF connections or GPS.


In this picture you see how physically connected to the circuitry of the iPhone terminal to monitor the buses with wires coming out below the area of the SIM:


The goal is that manufacturers, operators, or qualified personnel should be able to inspect the software that runs on Introspection, which can analyze the hardware it’s built with and can install them without needing manufacturers to provide phones for this, the design is presented as an extra battery recharger.

The connection made through a link between the physical connections that are made internally between the device and Introspection circuits. In the image, you can see the connection that is needed on an iPhone, which is one of the devices that Edward Snowden does not trust as it also appeared in the PRISM program. At the end, the proposal made by Introspection is getting into the layers as low as possible to see if you are being monitored because otherwise, everything can troyanizar by a lower layer.

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