HENkaku: The first Vita Homebrew Enabler!

Ok everyone there is some big news being let out today from Yifan Lu as he and his team just announced:

HENkaku (変革), the first Homebrew Enabler for the Vita



After the release of Rejuvenate which was mainly ment for developers in the first place (and as you all might have experienced by yourselfs, quite hard to set up) everyone was waiting and hoping for something better and userfriendly. Our waiting has now come to an end! Yifan Lu has set the scene on fire with the announcement of HENkaku, here is what he has to say:


For the last couple of months, molecule (composed of I along with Davee, Proxima, and xyz) have been working hard to bring you an easy-to-use homebrew solution. The result is HENkaku (変革), the first HEN for the Vita. Since the release of Rejuvenate a year ago, developers have created tons of wonderful emulators, games, and apps for the Vita. Unfortunately, Rejuvenate is hard to set up, has many annoying limitations, and supports only an older firmware version.

What is HENkaku?

HENkaku simply lets you install homebrew as bubbles in LiveArea. It is a native hack that disables the filesystem sandbox. It installs molecularShell, a fork of VitaShell that lets you access the memory card over FTP and install homebrew packages (which we create as VPK files). With vita-toolchain, developers have access to the same system features licensed developers have access to as well as undocumented features that licensed developers cannot use (including overclocking the processors).

 And what it is not!

It does not let you install or run Vita “backups”, warez, or any pirated content. It does not disable any DRM features. It does not let you decrypt encrypted games. Here’s my stance on this: I do not care one way or the other about piracy. I do not judge people who do pirate. I will not act as the police for pirates. However, I will personally not write any tools that aid in piracy. It is my choice just as it is the pirate’s choice to steal content.

What Homebrews are there to use?

GenesisPlusVITA by Frangar
Vita Doom by Netrix
HandyVITA by Frangar
NeopopVITA by Frangar
SMSplusVITA by Frangar
FTPVita by xerpi
realboy by xerpi
vitahelloworld by xerpi
mGBA by endrift

If you want to learn more on how to create Homebrews for the Vita yourself check here!

HENkaku will be released public on 07/29/2016 9:00AM UTC at http://henkaku.me/ and it will only support firmware 3.60, so update to be ready. Do not update past 3.60, the current firmware at the time of this writing.

To learn more about HENkaku and  molecule please go here: http://henkaku.me/about/

Check out the original announcement on yifan’s blog here to find out even more; but of course we will keep you all posted. Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

Source: http://yifan.lu/2016/07/28/henkaku-vita-homebrew-for-everyone/

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  1. The only thing I’m wondering about before I update, is there a way with this to install TN-V ? If not is there a way to keep my TN-V Intact while updating from 3.50 > 3.60 ?

  2. As far as I understand, it wont work on 3 18??

  3. Should I update im on 3.55 and have MGSPO+ exploit installed

  4. No dude u shouldn’t update out of the mgspo. Look what you’ll be loosing and gaining. I learned along time ago not to risk something if it’s working

  5. NO, NO AND NO. He said that the exploit should work on older fw (even if they’re NOT OFFICIALY SUPPORTED) as far as I understood.

  6. Henkaku…
    That suggest to make a vukakke xD

  7. Just reading on their website; from what I have gathered the method this uses is through a webkit exploit in the ps vita’s web browser.
    Just the though of being able to use FTPvita to have write access to the pspemu game folder means people should be able to create homebrew bubbles and possibly the ability to install custom themes. But this is just purely speculation, hopefully some could port ppsspp to the vita to allow people to use pro-online (Adhoc over the internet).
    I really hope this is worth the hype.

  8. I’ve lost the use of TNV and other ways to play psp ( which I used to use a lot ) games months ago after I decided I wanted to wait for some games on the PSN store to launch like MS gundam extreme VS force.

    so, in this new way, there will be the possibility of play psp games again ?

    • just asking this because you needed to have a exploit game to use, and now we can intall directly (if this way will really work for this case).

      • We will have to wait and see what this will open up. but it’s going to be awesome : { )

  9. what if I try to install it on PS Vita firmware 3.18? Will this work or it will fail to install?

  10. I have 3.18 what do i do? Is a hard decition 🙁 should i update or not?
    What do you think?

  11. I am just sitting here… rocking back and forth. is it time yet?

  12. do it have psp homebrew?

  13. 4 hours to go

  14. Is still 9:27 and Release will be in 1 hour, 33 mins, 15 secs.

    Is this another scam like vita hdmi mod?

  15. If the following is possible on 3.60:
    -TN-V / ARK2
    -Custom Themes
    I’ll update. If not, I’ll wait a bit.

    • what will be ready as of lunch is listed above, the rest will come in time but if you miss 3.60 you may just miss it all : { )

      • manualy you can update your firmware on 3.60 when you want.

        • Or manually install it but that is really risky. I don’t recommend doing that because there is a big chance that your Vita will get messed up badly.

  16. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CohoIFmVYAEJH28.jpg

    I have some problem here. I’ve tried “https://henkaku.xyz/usage/” but anything work and for sure I’m a in 3.60 and have a 64gb MC with 200 mb free.
    Anyone can help me please?

  17. chupa hackinformer kkk cobrando pra desbloquear os caras mitaram efizeram de graça