PS4 FW3.55 released but it’s just another stability update

A few hours ago the PS4 just got a new FW update bring the system FW to 3.55. Now with this update, it does not bring any new features to the system, it’s just another small stability update.ps4 update 3.55

Sometime I think this small updates are little pieces for bigger thing to come but you never really know what exactly these little updates help with, since their change log is so big on information..NOT.. Like normal this update does not affect remote play on the PlayStation TV, PSVita, Mac, or PC.PS4 remoteplay

Now I would think with PlayStation VR release right around the corner the PS4 could see more updates like this or just one big update once its released, but that just me guessing at what they are doing. What do you think, could we see more small updates before the release of PSVR or do you think it’s just plug and play no updates need, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Do you think they will update the vita again? Because I heard an update on the vita usually happens when the ps4 has updated.

    • hackinformer

      Probably not since everything is working fine and this is not the first time the ps4 gets updated but not the vita. I think its happen about 4 or 5 time now. Since the PC app is also working great, I don’t think they want to mess with any of that either and avoid updating anything else but just the ps4.

  2. Was hoping for the Golden firmware.

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