Hackinformer will be at E3 2016 this year


Greetings everyone! Mgs2master2 here and I am excited to announce that I will be at E3 2016 representing Hackinformer.com! This year seems to be one of the most packed E3 events to date, if going off the rumors and leaks. I will be providing coverage for the site in this coming week from everything I will see on the show floor. In addition, I will also be exploring the new E3 LIVE at LA Live extension event as well and providing coverage from what I see there. Expect a possibly live blog of events each day as I go through and explore E3 in all its glory. A wise man once told me “E3 is Christmas for gamers around the world”. As E3 is getting closer, I am feeling this saying being very true.

Personally, I am excited to see what Square-Enix has in store for the gamers. My most anticipated titles of this year are Final Fantasy XV and World of Final Fantasy. Both will be at E3 in playable form, so I am excited to see them and get time with them.

final-fantasy-xv hqdefault

I will hopefully be posting things beginning Sunday at the Bethesda Press Event. Expect the next update Monday evening from the Sony Event. From there, whatever I see I plan on reporting.

If you want coverage for anything in particular, comment below and/or shoot me at tweet at @mgs2master2. Also, hit me up Via Email (click on my profile). I will do my best to cover everything, but if there is something you want me to focus on or a tip of an awesome game I may have missed, let me know!


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