Android TV ported to the Raspberry Pi3

Google announced that they would be making a version of Android that would work on the Raspberry Pi a few weeks ago. You can check the repository for it here, but so far there hasn’t been much activity on it. Now the Geek Till It Hertz has beaten Google to the punch with a full port of Android TV for the Raspberry Pi3.

There’s no word of it working on the other Raspberry Pi’s at the moment but with Geek Till It Hertz taking the first steps on getting a full port of Android TV, we might see other versions of the Raspberry Pi’s getting it soon then later.

Download: Android TV for the Raspberry Pi3


How To Install Android Tv On Raspberry Pi 3 And Sideload Apps

In the video below you can see Android TV running on the Raspberry Pi3 with the PSP emulator ppsspp, and it looks like it’s doing a pretty good job of running PSP games.

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