Windows 10; Not A 10 From A Users Stand Point!!!

Let’s talk about a problem that has stricken many users of Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1 with and Windows 10. It seems there are scattered reports all over the net of users complain about the fact that their Windows 7 machines are upgrading to Windows 10 that without their permission! Now I know that some of you may be passing this off as people trying to put down or discredit Microsoft I’m here to tell you that this clearly is not the case.

As you can see and here in this video that Windows 10 unexpectedly decides to update while Flom is live streaming the game on his Twitch channel. According to Flom “we had everything turned off” and yet the updates still happened.

This is not the first nor will it be the last time that this is happening other users have reported a similar instance of this. I myself just recently had an issue where Windows 10 decided to do their normal updates of my software when to all of a sudden and I continuously received a blue screen of death.
I know what some of you are thinking did you have it backed up? Where you able to use your restore point? Let me tell you my restore  was there but would not allow it to install it would continue to blue screen no matter what was done.2343

Of course, I had to reinstall, on reinstalling I had lost all of my saves for PC games that I have and some programs that had worked before stop working correctly. This is just one instance on my end where I had issues, but I for one am not the only person to suffer similar issues.3386

Here is another case that has happened just recently Twitter user @MixedBagGames had one of their development PCs upgrade to Windows 10 overnight without the consent of the administrators. This case right here may have caused them needless delays. I’m also certain that they had the option to upgrade turned off yet this still happened.

These are just a few different examples showing the Microsoft they care nothing for the consumer and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get Windows 10 on as many machines as possible. I for one am outraged that this practice is being considered acceptable, legal, and allowed.

Microsoft also recently changed the Windows 10 upgrade from “optional” to “recommended,” making it one level below the highest “critical” designation within Windows Update, the software update system built into Windows. Microsoft also states that reports that Windows 10 being forced on users are “not accurate” and suggests that users who seeing Windows 10 installed unexpectedly might have pre-selected to upgrade to the new operating system.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that no matter what I do I am unable to turn off Windows Defender. Don’t get me wrong I can turn it off for a short amount of time or install another antivirus program to stop it from functioning but that still takes away from my ability to do what I want to do with my own machine.

I encourage you in the comments to the share any problems you had noticed with Windows 10 and or any unwanted upgrades to Windows 10. As this is clearly something that we all need to be aware of and stop.

You can check out these to post on how to stop it from asking to update and how to turn off windows telemetry.

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I want to thank you for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. Uhg this shit is so annoying. I disabled updates on W10 yet some-how my defender re-enables everything. I’ve even tried to disable defender which for some freaking reason will re-enable itself. Sad to say I might be returning to Windows 7

  2. Only one way to completely AVOID Windows 10 upgrade…
    Always check ONE BY ONE EVERY update that Microsoft throws at you…
    Also, have automatic updated DISABLED and select to NOT download updates automatically. ALWAYS download and select EVERYTHING MANUALLY, ONE BY ONE.
    Yes, it takes time, yes, it takes work, but it’s a method that works, and it’s the safest way to avoid the “plague” on your computer.

  3. See the evilness of this needs to stop Microsoft need to listen to the people and prevent this from happening further.

  4. lol i think i got microsoft beat(i did install win10 wayyyy back, right after the preview and optional free upgrade. I installed it..)i luckily had everything backed up(everything**)
    and i didnt like it.. so i had to manually remove the os(the roll back feature did not and would not work) after removing and reverting back to Win7 i have not been bothered with a single upgrade nortification.,(happy to be back on win7)

  5. I’m sticking to Windows 7, I have Windows 10 notifier removed so I don’t have to worry about it ☺️

  6. I keep getting memory leaks and had to go back to 7.

  7. That’s really sad, it’s like that nintendo or sony will start to automaticaly update ps3 and 3ds’s with hackable firmwares, but way worse. It did happen to my cousin about a month ago but I never though that it happend without user permission

  8. The absolute preventative measure would be to open your hosts file and reroute Windows update servers to a crap IP or block them through your router. Then use a tool like Windows Updates Downloader on a second PC to download only the updates you want.

    But, yes, this needs to stop. They have gotten enough proof of this happening and at the very least know that they are sneaking in an update that triggers it. I foresee a class action suit in their future.

  9. @Dmaskell92 @riddle43 concerning windows defender I uninstalled it with a tool I found online, I’ll see if I can find the link and post it here.

    A problem that occured to me just yesterday was windows 10 manually restarting my computer to do updates. Might not be that bad I thought because usually before I do updates windows disconnects me from the internet as well. But what do I see when my PC restarted? All my standard apps like firefox or sumatra pdf were replaced with microsoft ones (edge and twnui) although they’re not installed anymore. Beyond that windows also managed to screw up my settings so I can’t revert back now. File extensions like zip are also not recognized anymore so I’ll stick with my arch-linux build for a while now.

    • Yes curtisy i just had that same thing happen last night so i said im done and am now back on 7. But i feel even that will not work for me i may have to just go back to linux at least then i can do freely what i want and need without worry. 🙂

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