3DS Arm11 kernel exploit in the wild for FW 10.6

Developer aliaspider has decided to run a public test on a possible ARM11 kernel hack for FW 10.4 and even 10.6 since he needed more info on it.  Here what he said about this test.

“This is a sort of an updated version of memchunkhax2.

I’ve only tested this successfully on a 10.5.30 emunand (using the 2.50-11 firm), while this is a very good sign, it is still not enough to confirm that the hack is valid.

It would be great if others with a system on at least 10.4 sysnand and access to the homebrew launcher can test this.

also, it probably won’t work on a new 3DS, so this test is for o3DS only currently.
making it work for the new 3DS should be trivial though if this test proves to be successful.


it should either hang or print out “success”, along with the firmware version.
it might not work the first time, so just reboot and launch it again.”10.6 fw exploit

Later on, in the post he and everyone else can confirmed it working on old 3DS running FW 10.4 to 10.6,  and that support for new 3DS will be added soon. Now this is great news as this will give people a chance who accidentally updated, to downgrade their systems, run CFW, and much more. So for now just stay on the FW you are at until everything is tested out and properly released.


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