3DS: FW10.6 releases and what to expect

Nintendo is once again releasing more software stability updates with no new features sadly. This release was aimed to kill off various entry points used in the homebrew launcher. Smea has stated Ninjhax and Ocarina should be ok once he updates the payloads. But you should avoid updating sysNAND to 10.6 for the time being and if your below that firmware stay there. 3DBrew has written all the tech info on the fw matter and if your curious the info is below.

Home Menu

  • Only one function was updated, the function which loads theme body-data with theme-shuffling enabled. This now does: if(loadedsize > input_max_size)fail. Hence, the latest exploit used by menuhax at the time of this sysupdate release is now fixed.
  • RomFS was not changed at all.

Internet Browser

  • Old and New 3DS Internet Browser were updated. Both browserhax_fright_tx3g (New 3DS) and spider28hax (old 3DS) were fixed.

Socket module

  • Minus changes from an older CTRSDK version(CTRSDK version seems to be the latest now), only one actual SOC-specific function(L_11154c) was updated. The previous version did: <write u8 0x0 to ptr and increase ptr by 1>. The current version removed this so that L_11f9f0() is called with ptr, without writing data to ptr+0/changing ptr.

JPN-only titles

  • Multiple titles for JPN-only were updated. For System Settings and “Nintendo 3DS Camera”, only the manual content was updated(the main contentid in the TMD wasn’t changed at all). Other titles were updated for JPN-only too, presumably with the same manual-only change.


Users on CFW can safely update their emuNAND to 10.6 without any worry on both models. Gateway, reiNAND and RXTools all have access to the eShop. Be sure your using the latest builds of CFW to ensure the best experience.

3ds emuNands 10.6

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  1. So if i update on emunand will lesshax still boot like regular without a issue?

  2. I hope these mega corporations really do pull out of gaming next generation or at least have very little influence. Sony’s lacking features wise, MS doesn’t know what they want, and Nintendo’s just a train wreck now.

  3. Will you be writing a tut on arm9loaderhax?

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