Bravely Second: End Layer releasing in the West this April for the 3DS

The long awaited sequel to Bravely Default is almost ending – Bravely Second will be soon™ releasing in the West!
(Well, not that soon for those of us playing the US version.)Bravely Second End Layer1Darkness has risen again in Luxendarc, and it is up to you once more to save the world and avenge Agnès! The story takes place in Luxendarc two and a half years after the events in Bravely Default. Waking up from a coma, Tiz is rescued by Magnolia Arch – a young woman from the moon. The two are later joined by Yew Geneolgia, a bodyguard of Agnès Oblige, and the new leader of Eternia’s Imperial Guard, MRGRGR Edea Lee.

Just like Bravely Default offers a whole new engagingly beautiful soundtrack to the game, this time by the popular and well-known composer ryo (supercell). According to the game producer Tomoya Asano, the game explores even more of Luxendarc.Bravely Second2What, are you still here? Mrgrgr… start preparing to set out and save our beloved Agnès from the hands of evil!

Nintendo 3DS™ Release: EU – Feb 26th, 2016 AU – Feb 27th, 2016 US – Apr 15, 2016

Bravely Second: End Layer (US)
US$ 39.99 pre

Bravely Second: End Layer (EUR)
US$ 49.99

Bravely Second: End Layer (Australia)
US$ 39.99

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