Biohazard 0 (PS3) & Origins Collection (PS4/XB1) Multi-Lanuage Retail Release!

Capcom is taking gamers on a remastered blast to past with a re-release of the 2002 classics Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0.biohazard-0-hd-remaster-412705.2 (1) The PS4 and Xbox One ‘Origins Collections’ include both titles, whilst the PS3 physical release will include Resident Evil 0. All three versions are have multiple language options.biohazard-0-hd-remaster-412705.5Alongside graphical improvements, for the first time ever in Resident Evil 0 players will be able to play the events leading up to the mansion outbreak by playing as alternative character Albert Wesker, alongside S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers. Both characters will star in a special themed outfit for the mode with Wesker replacing the traditional gameplay role of Billy Coen.

Voice: ENG, JPN
Subtitle: ENG, FR, GER, IT, SPN, JPN

Biohazard Origins Collection (Multi-Language) (PlayStation 4™, JPN)  US$ 49.99 24h
Biohazard Origins Collection (Multi-Language) (Xbox One™, JPN)  US$ 49.99 24h
Biohazard 0 HD Remaster (Multi-Language) (PlayStation 3™, JPN)  US$ 34.99 24h

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  1. Been enjoying my US variant since last night. Some seller had it in ebay in hands. Won the auction for $34 shipped. Now to sell my Biohazard ReBirth

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