Black Fin for the PSVita: Is It Just Another fish tale??

YARRRR… Calling all pirates!!! It seems we have a new scam out (or it could be real) there for all of the Vita pirates and it goes by the name of Black Fin by Cobra. Every now and again we find a website claiming that they have the latest hack for the Vita and this one could be just another fish tale. This is what they are saying on their website.


“Black Fin is the first ever peer to peer game sharing device for Vita! It allows you to share your friends’ game titles by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC or Android device (Android software to follow at a later date…) Simply put, the black Fin allows you to access hundreds of titles over a P2P network, something never before imagined. Black Fin is the ultimate P2P network system for your Vita. How does Black Fin work? The Black Fin allows Vita and Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their Vita games over the internet. The Cobra Black Fin Emulator card stores game ISO’s on Micro SD and the Black Fin Card is then inserted into the Vita/Vita Slim console. When connected to the Black Fin servers authentication of the Vita game is performed by matching the ISO on your Micro SD card to the same original game running on a peers’ Black Fin reader connected to his PC and the Black Fin servers or friends’ servers.

You might ask why it is necessary to authenticate the game you wish to play using an original card connected to a server?


Vita has a very secure card authentication mechanism, which to date has not been penetrated and is based on secure cryptography. It is unlikely that a direct authentication method which avoids having to use a peer to peer system will appear any time soon. As a result Cobra has designed a unique and cutting edge peer to peer sharing device which allows users to share their favourite games with friends over an internet network.

Vast resources have been poured into designing a flash card which is the same size as the original Vita card itself. Yes, the Cobra Black Fin squeezes all of its technology into a card no bigger than a Vita game card with tons of features and packing serious hardware power! When you look at the circuit board design and components used you start to understand the expertise and time required to pull off a design of this magnitude.

What’s included in the box?


Blackfin card reader (7 slots)
Blackfin game card emulator
Blackfin USB dongle
Mini USB cable for BlackFin card reader
Blackfin P2P server software and instructions are available as digital downloads from the Blackfin website, downloads section.


Now this leaves us with a lot of questions and no answers like
1 How safe is this?
2 Will I get banned for useing it?
3 How will I find games?
4 How fast will Sony shut this down?
5 And how much will it cost me?

The problem here is that no one can reach them in any way and it also seems a little too good to be true. We have had this happen before with the Sky 3DS but, as we all NOW know, it turned out to be true and not a bad flash card but I’m one who believe that if it sounds too good to be true it more than likely is.


Picture courtesy of Smoke

We here at Hackinformer have tried to contact them with no luck and they have not shown any proof of this so as it stands I’m going to call bull fecal matter on this unless they would like to contact us and show us that its true.

You can see a video here of it in action.

As of now I wouldn’t get your hopes up unless something changes soon. If nothing does change then this will be labeled as a scam and I say shame on whomever did this unless they are willing to prove that it isn’t.

So the ball is in your court Black Fin! It’s time to put up or shut up!  If we find out any more info on this we will share the news with you all so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and as always keep doing it for the love of the game.


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  1. Another fake powered by xmax katsu

  2. LOL hopefully not 🙂

  3. If this is a hoax then I imagined that the black fin device is just a mouse turned upside down LOL

  4. I hope it’s real, otherwise I think I’ll just sell my Vita and get the GPD XD. When Wololo wrote his article on why console hacking was so huge in the PSP days, to allow for homebrew and emulators on a nice all in one device, I see what he meant. So I’mma just sell something that could have been amazing and get something that already is amazing.

    GG Sony. You nailed the handheld markets again. /s

  5. I think it could very well be legit. I assume the P2P just allows one to grab the keystone and clearsign files. Downloads them into the cart to validate the GAME on the SD card. From all my research shows these are the needed files to validate and load the game just like loading our own backups as we need it to use the cart sharing feature with the EML hack. Cobra-USB from the PS3 scene was just like this and everyone called BS as there was no way to contact them when the features were first listed. Stating that the Cobra features were not possible. The Cobra and E3 devs have been back and forth since the PS2 days but each finding their own niche in the PS3 market as well as both offering solid ODE’s till Sony pretty much patched them out even though both can still be used on theatest firmware as long as installed before 4.60 OFW. Anyhow with Major Tom releasing the cart dumping tool and the EML was limited to dumping 2mb files intentionally but we now can dump what we want like the massive mail.db file. I don’t feel they would have released it had this been fake.

  6. no ,it is not a fish tale , i see has been on sale ,and it is $96.5/pcs ,i get 5 pcs of it and have micro sd 8g card as gift .

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