XBOX ONE backwards compatible list of XBOX360 games leaked?

A lot of us were very excited when Microsoft announce that XBOX360 games are going to be compatible with the XBOX ONE. We don’t know if all the XBOX360 games are going to work at first and if it’s only going to be a few selected titles that you own ( disc or digital) that will work on the XBOX ONE.Xbox-One-backward-compatibility

The new Xbox Dashboard 2.0 will be released on November 12, 2015 and the backward compatibility of the Xbox One will be rolled out at the same time. They have also said that XBOX live gold members will receive even more free games every month on the XBOX ONE. 

Well, today it looks like someone has leaked a list of the backwards compatible games for the XBOX ONE. Now nothing has been confirmed at the moment and like anything on the net take this with a grain of salt as this could be all wrong. So here is the list of a 113 games that will work at launch says xboxdynasty.Xbox-One backwards compatible list



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  1. I saw Mirror’s Edge confirmed to be on backwards compatibility:
    So this is probably not the complete list, besides Microsoft said there would be several hundred titles available.

  2. Great technical achivement. Should Sony follow MS steps? I do think so.

  3. ok ty for the share hopefully they add street fighter and the tekken series as it would be a big loss for us who own the games or want to.

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