PS3: webMAN MOD 1.43.12 released

webman modWhat is webMAN MOD it’s an homebrew plugin for CFW PS3 it has many features added on to the original webMAN by Deank. This is one plug-in that is always being updated with more features and fixes. The webMAN MOD has so many additional features it’s crazy, here is a small list of some its features.

  • Easy installer/updater
  • New folder icons (by Brunolee)
  • It can mount PS2 Classics games on PS2 Classic Launcher (.BIN.ENC)
  • It can auto-mount any custom folder or ISO. Official only can mount AUTOBOOT.ISO
  • Title ID can be displayed on XMB menu
  • It can rip a game from disc to hdd0 or copy from hdd0 to usb000 or from usb00x to hdd0.
  • FTP includes new SITE commands to allow copy/paste files locally, unmount game, toggle external gamedata, turn on/off dev_blind, change file attributes
  • Translated to 23 languages
  • Copy operations use shadow copy on hdd0 for faster copy
  • Scan for games on the stealth folder “/video”
  • Optional Video subfolder to “Bluray™ and DVD” folder (Display RetroXMB videos, videos on USB devices and Data Disc icon)

You can read the rest of the list here.

NEW: webMAN MOD 1.43.12


  • Added proper support for auto-play /BDISO and /DVDISO
  • Change: Auto-play option can be disabled temporarily holding L2 while mounting (formerly also R2)
  • Added option to disable temporarily [online] tag holding R2 while mounting.
    • If the [auto] tag is not used, holding L2 while mounting will enable temporarily the auto-play option.
    • If the [online] tags is not used, holding R2 while mounting will the remove syscalls.
  • Added option to pause/continue/toggle rsx processor. e.g. /browser.ps3$rsx_toggle
  • Screenshot of XMB now supports optional path. e.g. /browser.ps3$screenshot_xmb/dev_hdd0/xmb.bmp
  • File Manager now will show , or on dev_bdvd with a link to play the disc
  • /delete.ps3?uninstall now also removes the files of VSH Menu for webMAN and custom combos
  • Reduced file size of some VSH Menu backgrounds


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