Jailbreaking: What is it, what are the benefits & what are the risks? Part 1

Through today’s article, I want to reach everyone, reaffirming the fundamental concepts so as to explain what the Jailbreak actually is and why you should run it while also including the benefits and risks.iPhone-SE-render-comparison-1024x576

Jailbreak is a procedure that allows you to unlock access to all files of the operating system by Apple that we find on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. After gaining root permissions, the process of Jailbreak starts automatically installing an application called Cydia. It works in a similar way to the App Store because it offers the distribution of applications and tweaks that can be installed to increase the capacity of our device.

1. Why do the jailbreak?

Over time, the reasons for conducting the Jailbreak have changed. With earlier versions of the operating system, iOS gaps were entirely filled by this process. Apple did not allow fast access to Toggle, nor to use thousands of features that have been added year after year. Just think, originally even copy/paste was not available on the iPhone! Today there are three substantial reasons for Jailbreak:

Jailbreak incorporates Cydia, through this application we can install Tweaks and Customizations for all our needs or desires of the moment.

Schermata-2014-11-12-alle-08.51.36The Tweaks are improvements that are applied directly to the operating system, literally changing the original files from Apple. The best features are then often implemented by Apple in the next operating system.

Schermata-2014-11-12-alle-08.51.41Customizations range from issues that completely distort the graphic interface transforming into something completely new, go to the Font and graphic effects coming up to the addition of functions within applications App Store.

Schermata-2014-11-12-alle-08.51.47In summary then, the Jailbreak is useful for all those people who want to get more out of your Apple device, making it the most powerful operating system that can be modified at will.

2. Is the jailbreak legal?

In many states, the issue simply does not address why the Jailbreak is neither legal nor illegal. In America, it is legit to unlock your device, but there are still some disputes going on about changing the original software of Apple.

3. So if I run the Jailbreak I lose my warranty?

Not necessarily. It’s clear that by going to the Apple Store with the device Jailbroken you will not receive assistance. However, the Jailbreak can be removed completely, leaving no traces. It will, therefore, be sufficient to restore the phone and the warranty will be valid again.

4. The Jailbreak makes iOS less secure?

The right answer to this question is yes, but maybe not. In particular, gaining root permissions on the operating system, we become “admins” and we can install anything, so potentially malware. In this sense, the Jailbreak makes iOS less secure. However, the Jailbreak can make it even safer. Often there were vulnerabilities discovered in the original operating system and to solve them we had to wait for a new update from Apple that required a certain amount of time in which an attacker could attack us. Through Cydia, you can install security patches faster. Should that seem uninteresting, think of iPhone 4 and earlier that now are no longer supported by Apple and will no longer receive new updates. In the event that should be discovering a security flaw, the only way to restore security might just be the Jailbreak! Finally, if the jailbreak is possible it is precise because there is a flaw that is being exploited to penetrate the system. When we use official Tools, immediately after the jailbreak the security flaw that was used is also closed, and on devices that do not have to jailbreak the same exploit is still be used by attackers to gain root permissions and access complete.

To reassure you on the issue of safety also, you just install packages from the repository exclusively pre-installed, the best known.

5. The Jailbreak makes the device slower?

The jailbreak itself does not slow down the device. It is the wrong use of the Jailbreak that can do it, even considerably. In particular, every tweak available on Cydia works on the operating system in a different way. There are tweaks that change only the content of a file (.plist) to activate an additional function and tweaks that, to work, require a daemon, a process that is always active and runs in the background consuming CPU, battery, and other resources. Installing many/too many tweaks causes a safe deceleration of the device.

6. Can I use my device in the same way?

A Jailbroken device should be used exactly as one that is not. There are no limits or special precautions to be taken. Jailbreak only adds things; it does not remove any function or privilege. Each Jailbroken device can be synchronized without any problem, can use iCloud, Find My iPhone and so on. Backup can also be made safely (although personally I do not), but all the changes of the operating system and tweaks are not saved in the backup. iTunes and iCloud simply do not allow this.

The only drawback of the jailbreak is that it divides memory into two partitions, allocating a bit of space for all the necessary files to run, so a little of the available space will be occupied automatically.

7. Is it always possible to jailbreak?

No, it is not always possible. Apple continuously releases new updates to iOS that hinder the Jailbreak. Only certain versions of iOS can be unlocked.

8. How to do the jailbreak?

The Jailbreak is performed through programs that are usually released first for Windows and for Mac later.

9. And if Apple releases an update to iOS?

If your device is Jailbroken and Apple releases a new and refreshing version of iOS, you must know that when you decide to run it you will lose the jailbreak and all changes or tweak that you have installed. The update can then be performed safely, but it will again have a qualifying operating system, without any customizations. However, we must emphasize that it is not recommended to upgrade over the air (OTA from the device itself), but you have to reset the device so as to free up the memory occupied by the Jailbreak files.

Those of you who want to always have a Jailbreak, you must first wait for the updated software to get a jailbreak, after which you may update with a reset and re-jailbreak.

10. The Jailbreak is permanent or can be removed?

Obviously the Jailbreak is not permanent and can be removed at any time. This is done by a restore in DFU mode, so as to be able to eliminate all the data and the space allocated in memory. As mentioned, there remains no trace of the Jailbreak after a reset of the device back to factory conditions.

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