PS4 System software update 3.10!! What’s Under the Hood?

It seems that late last night around 3:00 AM EST Sony released PS4 FW update 3.10! This update is packed full of goodies with it’s newest features. NOT!ps4update310I’m sure everyone was hoping for all your dreams to come true with this update like searching for “Communities” but no instead here is what Sony has to offer us, announcing it on Twitter.

PS4 v3.10 goes live today, enabling you to follow verified accounts of your favorite game studios / devs:

System software update 3.10 goes live on PS4 today. Follow official accounts, customise your messages with brand new sticker & more!this-suckSo as you can see not much but at least, it’s not just improved usability, and enhanced security. We get stickers cause that’s what we all wanted. This new update is also mandatory and does not affect remote play for the PSVita or PSTV on FW 3.55. Now let’s just hope it fixes something, other than just giving us these stickers.

Just a heads up to keep you in the game.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.


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  1. wait for another useless vita update like this one

  2. There’s just no point in these newer consoles anymore. Unless a hardware hack or the byproduct of a hardware hack that gives full kernel level access happens that allows people to have almost full access to their machine, then screw this generation of consoles and beyond. Luckily the 7th generation and prior is fully hacked or offers a play your way solution, but this generation has been full of short sited corporate bull crap and the only way I’ll buy a 8th gen system is used once a kernel level hack is found.

    “bunnie”, krikzz, and geohot to name a few are true heroes in the gaming scene with what they brought to the table and I hope future hackers achieve what they have. I won’t pirate myself, but due to things like “stability updates”, on disc DLC, game breaking launch day bugs, I just don’t care for these companies anymore. You don’t need shortsighted and greedy business practices to succeed.

  3. And here I was thinking we’d finally get the rumored PS2 backwards compatibility 🙁

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