3DS: Monster Hunter X Features New Nyanter Mode!

Capcom released a new trailer featuring its new “Nyanter Mode” at the TGS 2015! With this new-added feature, players will be able to choose the cute Felyne to play as Palicoes. As well, players will also be able to join efforts with their Hunter friends to fullfill the quests together!3ds monster

Scheduled for a Japanese release this winter for the 3DS, Monster Hunter X will bring new additions to every aspect of the series: monsters, moves, and areas. As well, each weapon will also have new super actions! Built from the same engine as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players can also expect to see the return of monster mounting, and vertical traversals.

Capcom has also made a focus on player accessibility, as each weapon now has 4 styles of play, so that gamers can find which fits; depending on the style, the move set will change, in addition to exclusive moves for each class of hunter.
As well, by taking a cue from what seems to be influenced by the Monster Hunter Frontier MMORPG subseries, there will also be a combination of assets from previous titles, and include monsters and villages of previous Monster Hunter games, like Monster Hunter 2’s Pokke Village.

Finally, if players have save data from the Poku Poka Airou Village DX (Release Sept. 10, 2015), then there will be a special bonus seen in the game! Keep tuned for more details!

You can pre-order it here: Monster Hunter X

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