CyanogenPSP is something that just has to be seen!

Hey all you gamers out here! There is one homebrew app everyone needs to try. It’s called CyanogenPSP and it works for the PSP/PSVita/PSTV.


Now you may have seen this in our forums, just a couple of days ago Joel16 posted his project called CyanogenPSP. We here at hackinformer love when work like this is being done and try our best to encourage it as well. I will say you need to read this to see what’s up and grab yourself a copy here.


Now to begin this is a GUI menu that looks and behaves like Cyanogen for the Android platform, yet all this is done on your PSP/PSVita or PSTV! Keep in mind this is still a work in progress and I’m sure you’ll all agree it would be nice to see more done with this on the Vita.

When you start this app you will see a small little dot, that is your control point and you use this the same way you would a pc mouse. You can play music, look at pictures, launch homebrew apps, games and also ISO/CSO. It’s a nice app and kind of reminds me of IR Shell.aTFYZ0B

Joel16 is looking for any feedback. So give it a try and any help or suggestions you have to offer on this project, post them in our comments below.


If you are a programmer looking to help out, that would be awesome, as this “could’ be ported to ARK or VHBL as a main menu and bring some new life to a worthwhile project. You can contact Joel16 on our forums here.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Joel16 for posting and doing such a good job so far,
and remember do it for the love of the game!


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Do it for the love of the game.

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  1. Thanks for this 🙂

    Btw you can check out more videos of it here:

  2. We have had this on our site PSX-Place for a long time. BTW Joel is atreyu187 😛 and I told ya you will come back to this amazing app!!! I hope it gets the attention it deserves!! Been using it as a replacement XMB for a while now. If anyone like me loves ME over Pro CFW build I have a much older one. Not as feature rich but loads ISO using M33 driver. The rest of the app works just fine with ME but Inferno driver isnt supported for loading games via ME. But you can use Fastboot or Time Machine to load Pro from ME to have full ISO support with the latest build.

    • Hey atreyu! haha I’m not necessarily back. The thing is I just wanted it reviewed by hackinformer, since it was one of the well known psp/vita sites that didn’t seem to recognize my project. The reason why I released my private builds with the new experimental features is because it sadly didn’t work on the Vita (which I wanted it reviewed on). I had to make certain changes, so I had to give them an updated version either way. No way I’m back really, just trying to clean it up in case anyone wanted to take this over as a Vita ECFW Menu. The most recent build isn’t really a public build either, as it’s not drafted as a new release on my github page. It’s just an experimental POC of how the theme manager works. Although it is ‘experimental’ it still is stable, more stable than 5.2 haha.

  3. Well I’m just happy to see this app again I used it before and I would like to see more done with it like touch on the vita. I know there is a way to make this even better so programmers,hackers, and people in game please take a look and see this wonderful app. Thanks Joel16 aka (atreyu187), for coming to us with this.

  4. Thanks riddle43 but I’m not the dev joel16 is I just have been behind the project on our site PSX-Place. I love this app and would love to see it carried over as well. It’s really great idea.