Gateway Ultra v 3.4.1 Public beta released 

Good news everyone!


The Gateway team released a new update for their Gateway flashcards today! Version 3.4.1 brings support for the latest firmware emunand 10.1 on Old 3DS.

Apparently support for cheats seems to have had a few problems in the conversion of formats for tricks existing within the cheat engine. Cheat support has been previously announced with this version, but seems to have been delayed today.

  • Drag the file and drop Gateway 3.4.1 ULTRA Launcher.dat inside the microSD card of New 3DS.
  • Copy the file mset_ <region> .cia inside the microSD card of New 3DS (mind you only use the files in your region of belonging).
  • Copy the file “DevMenu.3ds” inside the microSD card Gateway 3DS.
  • Start the Gateway menu through the entry point favorite (or Cubic Ninja Zelda).
  • Select the new entry “NVRAM INSTALL” menu, and proceed with the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, start Gateway mode and run the file DevMenu.3ds from MultiROM menu (press Select).
  • After starting the DevMenu imported file mset_ <region> .cia from the SD card.
  • Restart the portable console and check the possibility of entering in Gateway mode through system settings from the classic profile. (Settings -> Profile -> Profile Nintendo DS).


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