PSVita/PSTV: Rejuvenate released for PSM Unity

Earlier this month developer smoke showed us Rejuvenate (UVLoader) for PSM Unity working on the PlayStation TV. Well to day is the day that we all have been looking forward too, Rejuvenate for Unity..pstv

One of the best things about Unity, is you no longer need to use USB to run it after it is installed. 🙂 Now all the other homebrews and emulators may need to be updated to Unity specs, so at the moment only thing that has be confirmed working is the hello world and Smoke’s NES4Vita.

Homebrew & Emulators tested and confirmed working by rjmmarcelo

“Thanks to Netrix as the work was done almost by him (and also thanks to SMOKE for testing and modifications to the setup script), Rejuvenate is now supported on both PSM Unity and PSM Unity for VitaTV.


Just like before, run SETUP.bat and follow the directions. If you are using PSM+, be sure to follow the directions where you get PSM+. To use on VitaTV, install the package on your Vita and then move the memory card to the VitaTV. I hear that mr.gas will release a method for package installation that does not require a Vita to install. Follow him on Twitter for details on that when the time comes.”


Unity update:

VitaDefilerClient, released for PSTV installation method by Mr.Gas and Smoke..

Download: VitaDefilerClient for Unity

Mirror: VitaDefilerClient for Unity

Download Ver2: VitaDefilerClient for Unity 0.3.3 beta

Download: Rejuvenate (0.3)

Extra Downloads: PSM backup files, everything you need for PSM+

Mirror: PSM backup files, everything you need for PSM+

As always, you can find downloads to the latest version here as well as VitaDefiler and UVLoader on GitHub.

If you have been using PSM Dev then this shouldn’t be to hard for you. Now using it on the PSTV it’s best to have your vita to setup you memory card for Unity. Then do the email trick for the memory card swap, once done take the memory card out of the vita and put it into the PSTV.

Don’t forget to use our guide to get your license files for Unity here..

Just a friendly guide about rejuvenate and what “PSM+” is and what can we do with it?

PSM+ is an alternative way of creating license files for PSM and the scene’s answer to the closing of PlayStation Mobile Service. By creating license files from here you will be able to still develop and run applications with the PSM SDK in the future. Additionally this will grant you access to run the PSM hack “Rejuvenate” and enjoy Native Homebrews on your Vita.

So basically with PSM+ all of you who weren’t able to obtain a PSM developer license in time, will get a second chance to join the party and enjoy Homebrew on your Vitas again! However, for this workaround to succeed, write access to the Vita’s filesystem is needed to replace some important files.


Note: You must be running FW 3.51 or lower to make use of the Dev Assistant(s) and Rejuvenate!

For clarification: The supplied write trick was found by Mr.Gas @gabaas1 and Major Tom@frtomtomdu80 quite some time ago and since Firmware 3.51 seems to be THE firmware for hacking now, they decided to release their programm for everyone!



Download and Tutorial for the EML Write Trick

And as already stated: This trick will additionally grant you access to install the PSM Dev assistant for Unity app to your PlaystationTVs and run Rejuvenate!! Check it out here:


Once again:
Remember to NOT update to 3.52 or later as it would lock you out of PSM Unity and Rejuvenate!!


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I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. wooooooow ! ftpvita is also working, so we can already play NES!

  2. getting stuck on “Powered by Unity” screen 🙁

    FW 3.18

  3. I installed the psm dev for unity and psm+ they are working after that i downloaded rejuvenate 0.3 run setup.bat and last it asks do you want to install vita defiler if i chose yes it will end not installing!!! pls help

  4. i have psm dev unity and did the psm+ and when i run the set up and put my version as 1.06 and press enter it says ” signing vitadefiler client with keys… cannot find appkey 1 file copied 3x’s” then it asks if i want to install now and i put yes and when i try to run “run_package_install_unity” nothing happens and nothing shows up on the vita… halp?

  5. Can anyone help me? for some reason my ps vita won’t show up in “Publishing Utility for Unity” device list, i disabled firewalls and everything and got the daily files so my license is valid and everything but i been trying to get it to show up for the last 2 hours and its really giving me a headache here :/

  6. So why is a Vita needed for the PSTV if we already have the PSM Unity package already installed?

  7. Hello, thanks for the news and the tutorial !

    i have a problem if i launch “Vita defiler” or “run_homebrew_unity” with the hello-word.elf file, i have “unknow host” error and: “Error. scePsmdevkill”

    can you help me please ?


  8. “Error. scePsmdevkill”

  9. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, after running setup.bat I open run_package_install_unity for vita defiler and it tells me to run setup.bat first, can anyone help? Thanks!

  10. I tried to install rejuvenate for unity via usb in my 32bit pc but its telling my version of windows doesnt support after that i installed it in 64bitb pc it works fine but my vita unity osnt connecting to pc over wifi give me solutions to both

  11. esperando el tutorial en español de sebastorron

  12. Well I must admit it was a long haul to get Rejuvenate working correctly – it’s very fussy about which steps and in which order, plus you have to get Unity installed then fiddle around with an email to get the 1.05 update PKG on there (I’m on 3.18) and the 24 hour limit on launching homebrew until the key needs renewing is annoying, but I must say this hack is awesome! I wanted to leave a comment on Yifan’s site to thank him directly but it hasn’t sent me a registration link yet.

    It’s super early days for all of this stuff but seeing SNES and Genesis games running natively with the full power of the hardware behind them at the proper 960×544 resolution rather than via the now-fuzzier looking ePSP mode versions (although I still love TN-V11, don’t get me wrong) is brilliant. Sound is a bit glitchy and you still need a frameskip of 1 for the SNES but wow, every game I’ve tried works! Even Super Mario Kart at near full speed, and stuff that didn’t render properly on SNES9XTYLMECM for PSP like Bart’s Nightmare now do. And because it’s early days I’m guessing that given a little time these emulators can be optimised for the Vita.

    I think my favourite thing that is getting Rejuvenate running was like a raised middle finger to Sony for being so hard on the thing and basically abandoning it less than four years after launch.

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