Rejuvenate for Unity coming soon to the PSVita & PSTV

Everyone has been wondering when we were going to see Rejuvenate (UVLoader) come to PSM Unity as a lot of you may have missed out on getting PSM dev or just been waiting to put it on your PSTV. Well developer Smoke has just announced via twitter that the wait is over.

PSM1 copy

Now I don’t know when it’s going to be released as they are still working out some bugs but at least you can see in the tweets that there is hope for Unity. As a lot of you thought it was dead and no one was going to port UVLoader to it. Well that’s not the case here it just took a little bit long then expected.

So stay tune as we will keep you infomed..

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  1. The thing about the Unity version was the fact that it can be interacted with over Wifi, right? Will it still need that once a day email activation?

  2. Yes WiFi not USB and yes still needs daily activation.

  3. Can’t they make files for the email activation that last longer? Doing that every day is really annoying.

    • I’m wondering if it would be at all possible to eventually port the exploit to android so we can just tether the wifi and use it on the go with the vita, that would be sweet 😛

  4. I’m incredibly excited about this. I’ve used my pstv less than a dozen times in the past year because of its limitations. This will make me dig it out of the junk drawer.

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