Custom Themes for the PSVita are a reality

Do you remeber a few months ago when you seen posts on twitter about custom theme’s for the psvita like this one. Like this one below.

Quote from Dessel “Custom themes, which have always been one of the PS Vita’s most wanted features, may be more real than any of us thought. At least according to these tweets”

Well I’m here to tell you they are real!! So what is special about them? We now managed to create, install and use custom themes just like normal ones and make use of the built in theme chooser! Here a few screen shots of it in action.



Now I have no idea when this is going to be released and it’s probably part of a bigger plan by Mr.Gas and Major_Tom. Now we can put away speculation that these custom theme are a reality. So be patient and stay tune for more info..


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  1. Mmm…

    So… the article is just to confirm its possible to install custom themes. Ok got it.

  2. There was a built-in theme chooser?

  3. Maybe They have found kxploit.

  4. I think they used the EML exploit, to install the files into the ux0:/theme/ folder. But that means they were able to decrpyt/get the content of a theme pkg

  5. Very possible use of Email trick. I guess we’ll have to wait until they reveal the method.

    Perhaps themes will be available for download only and in an eml file.

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