PSVita: Welcome Park Decrypted by Mr.Gas

Yesterday I shared a picture of Welcome Park via CMA but a lot of people were confused and thought it was more about the Batman digital comic. Well, I’m here to tell you it has nothing to do with that.welbrak copy

Before we get into it, I would like to start off with saying thank you to Mr.Gas and Major_Tom as they are very talented devs and have given us some of the best tricks and hacks for the PSVita which most of us still enjoy. For example, the Bubble Trick/Hack and their most recent one, the EML trick, which allowed everybody to enjoy PSM+/ Rejuvenate on the PSVita and also the memory card swapping trick. I know a lot of us love the memory card swap because, for those of us that have 2 Vitas, now we don’t have to worry about formatting memory cards when swapping them around thanks to Mr. Gas and Major Tom!

Now let’s get back to WelcomePark and what can be done with it:

Well nothing at the moment, it’s more of proof of concept than anything else for now. So why am I talking about it? Because this shows you that they’re able to get into the core file system and successfully decrypt the files. Just imagine what they might be able to do now, since they were successful with welcome park.(PlayStation TV whitelist & custom themes ring a bell). This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Mr.Gas decrypt PSVita files. A few months ago he showed us that he had decrypted a PSVita game save. (you can read more about that here)

Now lets take look at welcome park files

Click or Tap on the pictures to see full size.

welcome parkwelcome park


welcome parkwelcome park


The only files, more or less, that are interesting for everyone might be the Movie.mp4 (which is the intro video for the vita) and of course the icon0/pic0. Like I said earlier, this is more of a PoC than anything but could you imagine being able to delete unneeded stock apps like this one or near and furthermore being able to install them on your PlayStation TV/Vita TV. Now I’m getting ahead of myself but this is still great progress and I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next..


Source: Mr.Gas

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  1. Would love if this enabled those of us with 3G Vita’s to get back the Maps app, I used its GPS features a lot as I dont own a mobile phone!

    Good info though, looks promising!

  2. Many kudos to major tom and mr.gas!

  3. Welcome park is stored in vs0 directory along with other system apps. Yifan said a downgrade was possible once we have vs0 access along with a possible vita kernal exploit. Soo EPIC NEWS 😀

  4. Why dont you take welcome park’s files from the vita,swap it as an exacutable vita exploit(if it’s even possible),and then return it back so you can run welcome park as a vita exploit(I know I make it sound too easy but again,only if it’s possible.)I have no expirience in homebrew making or vita exploits,but if it’s possible than why not.

  5. OMFG !! Yeah !

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