How to install PSVita package files on Firmware 3.20 and up

Breaking News!! frtomtomdu80 and Mr. Gas show you how to install PSM Dev Assistant for Unity on Fw3.20 and up.


This trick will allow anybody to install packages without the pkg installer itself and probably alot more! For example swapping memory cards will be possible now and even writing EBOOTs and PBOOTs to PSP/GAME should be doable again. 😉

Here are the required files for “PSM Dev Assistant for Unity”:


Now these are the steps you need to take in order for this to work:

1 – Rebuild database
2 – Use thunderbird or outlook to send the “test2.eml” file included in the archive
3 – copy the savedata “PCSI00009” into PSAVEDATA/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/PCSI00009 in (Q)CMA folders
4 – Follow the video by mr.gas


If you want to learn more about the actual ux0:/ writing trick check it out here!eml_file_generator


Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as the forum to stay up to date on all the hacks. There was a hint that more may come soon so be prepared!!!! Who knows what else may be released!!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks!

  2. Please explain where you want to unpack the archive or send the screenshot. I can not understand

  3. Can we install other packages too?

  4. The ps3 uses rif files cant u just create a rif file from say like rap to rif editor (r2r editor)?

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