Astebreed, a futuristic shooter, coming to PS4 later this month!!

Hello again everyone! ss4gogeta069 here again to bring you some wonderful news if you’re a fan of SHMUPs like me! It seems the kinks have been worked out and futuristic shooter Astebreed will be coming to your PS4 on June 25th!



In this game you hop into a futuristic fighting machine and fly through the air. The camera position changes throughout gameplay so you never know whether you’ll be going through a side-scroll fight or a head on fight.

It will definitely keep you on your toes. As far as visuals go this game looks to be one amazing ride! I haven’t played it but I have to say after watching some gameplay and the trailer for it I am excited. It is currently available on Steam and, as I said, it’s coming to our wonderful PS4 systems so keep an eye out! Here is the trailer and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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