Most 3.36 ePSP Exploit games are back on the Store & one can run TN-V11!!

Hey guy, ss4gogeta069 here with a little update for you! It seems that over night last night Sony has added Hot Brain, Patapon 2 and everyone favorite Arcade Darts is back to the Playstation Store.games3.36

I don’t have a Japanese account so I can’t confirm or deny the addition of Project Diva Extend. This is great news for you guys that got your Vita after the exploits were released but had sense enough to stay on 3.36! Quote “@qwikrazor87: Can’t be able to use Arcade Darts to launch TN-V on 3.36 due to some of Sony’s crappy patches, so you’ll need to install TN-V as a bubble.”

Now you can download these games with your PS3 and use the OpenCMA/QCMA trick to copy them to your Vita and you will have yourself an exploited, ePSP Vita!! If you guys have any questions feel free to consult our ALL-IN-ONE guide at the top of the page to get instruction on how to do this. If you have any questions we are always here to answer them! Good luck and HAPPY GAMING!!!

TN-V11 for Hot Brain 3.36 (US only, untested).


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