Gamestop wants your retro consoles!

It seems that even Gamestop, who at one time sold all of the retro consoles and games, is now getting back into the market!


As you may or may not know, they just recently began accepting trades and selling PS2 systems again. It’s been a while since they had the PS2 and now it seems they want in on all of the retro action. Beginning on April 25th Gamestop stores in New York City and Birmingham, Alabama, which is about 40 miles from me, will accept trades for most retro consoles and select accessories dating all the way back the original Nintendo Entertainment System, not just the PS2. These two are test markets for the time being to see how well the program does.

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It seems they won’t be available for sale for a while but you can trade them in. The retailer will then ship the consoles to their restoring facility where they will be cleaned, tested and repaired if necessary.

According to Gamestop you will not have to travel to NYC or B’ham to get a console. They will be offered in their online store as well.


I don’t know about you guys but I miss the days of being able to go into Gamestop and pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and head home to play it on my SNES! I’ll keep you informed on what happens and as always… Happy Gaming!

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  1. wilfredo benitez

    i fucking love your posts

  2. finally an actual store that will sell retro consoles and games

  3. Thanks Wilfredo! And yeah, hopefully they will get a good response and keep it going!