How the convert CEX to DEX for the PS3

Happy Easter everyone! Today I would like you to welcome our newest bloggers ss4gogeta0698BitBang and Darthsternie.

You may have seen these guys on Twitter or in our forums and now they want to help out even more. So early this week you might have see and few new articles from ss4gogeta069, like BORED? WANT A FUN BUT INEXPENSIVE SHOOTER? and HYPERKIN TURNS YOUR IPHONE INTO A GAMEBOY COLOR!!

So what’s needed to get this conversion started..

  1. CFW PS3
  2. USB Stick
  3. a PC
  4. Dathsternie’s handy little guide

You can check out is guide on our forums here.. How the convert CEX to DEX

You can follow them on twitter @Darthsternie @ss4gogeta069,  @8BitBang

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