PSVita exploit game announced for Firmware 3.50

And the game is… World Of Pool (aka Pool Hall Pro in the US)! Does that name ring a bell? It may, because this game has already been a PS Vita exploit game….twice actually – on FW 2.60 and 3.01. This time, this exploit is mainly for firmwares 3.36 and 3.50, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on lower firmwares. The thing is, why would you use such an obscure exploit if you’re on FW 3.18..?^CD1DC7AA45018A26FB45319C42BF74474FC53E20EB2FD39F89^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Let me remind you that this time, an exploit game and one PS Vita are not enough, you also need a second already hacked device – either another PS Vita/PSTV running eCFW (TN-V or ARK), or a PSP (all models except for E1000) running CFW (LME, ME or PRO). This is because the exploit is triggered through multiplayer. PSP E1000 can’t be used because it doesn’t have wi-fi. PPSSPP and other emulators also can’t be used, even though there were attempts to make it work.

The game is available only in EU and US region. Here is the game’s price in EUR, GBP and USD:
DE PS Store – €6.99
UK PS Store – £5.79
US PS Store – $3.99

For those considering updating to 3.50: I strongly recommend you not to update. Although there’s going to be a kernel exploit and you’ll be able to run ARK, its triggering will be very impractical (a second already hacked device will be needed). And because you won’t be able to create a bubble (the only publicly known method is patched on FW 3.50), a second device will be needed every time you’ll want to launch ARK. Also, on FW 3.50, it takes about a minute to load the ARK.

We will let you know as soon as all the necessary files are released, stay tuned!



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