April Fools: The New PSVita Exploit for Firmware 3.50 is…


Well it look like someone spoiled it for the rest of us to enjoy this new exploit for the psvita. Seen in the tweet belowzzxzzxapil1

So there not much time left to get the game before PlayStation pulls it from the store.

Now the game is going to cost a lot, but if you enjoy emulators and homebrew you’re not going to want to miss out on this one

Qwikrazor87 is also giveaway a free kernel exploit since the shit hit the fan too.. qwik

You can get everything you need for both of them here at this link.. pastebin.com/k12145PNvEwY8


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  1. Nice one Hackinformer, I fell for this one.

  2. whats the exploit game

  3. I fell for it too!

  4. i go to downlad this release for my ps bien t it dont work