3DS FW 9.5.0-23 is out & you might not want to update just yet.

Just a few hours ago the new 3ds firmware 9.5.0-23 went live and it might block the exploit used for the regionthree according to it’s maker smealum.

— smea (@smealum) March 3, 2015

Now only a hour after that tweet smealum may have found another entry point for the just released 3ds firmware.

We don’t know, if this will affect the Gateway flash card but we already know that 9.5 emunand or higher for New 3DS doesn’t have any support yet from Gateway. Now for the Sky3ds, it has worked every update, so lets hope it works for this new update Nintendo just released. So sit back and don’t update, until we see what works and doesn’t. Since this release just came out a few hours ago

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  1. gateway 3ds has finally released the new 3.1.0 ultra beta, which brings suppor the new 3ds on firwmare between 4.1-9.2, click here to learn more details from their offiical retailer, post another new article : P