Apple Watch: The full price list (probably)

Good news everyone! Darkamon here with juicy news for your beloved tech devices!!

Well, good news is a big word in this case because apparently, by a source considered highly credible, appeared on reddit, a list of the possible price of the new “jewel” produced by Apple, the new Apple Watch. Pay attention to the word “jewel”, because giving a quick look at the prices, we speak of real items that may very well be sold in jewelry.

They start from $ 349 their “Sport” model and $ 20,000 for the most expensive model in gold.Schermata-2015-02-26-alle-11.43.59-614x660Schermata-2015-02-26-alle-11.44.07-614x675

Schermata-2015-02-26-alle-11.44.14-614x693Schermata-2015-02-26-alle-11.44.23-614x700Thanks to the availability of various straps and different quadrants, in April many of us, (maybe) can choose different types of Apple Watch, each with a different price.

According to new information gathered on Reddit, the base Sport model will cost $ 349, while that with the display 42mm will cost $379. Already changing strap, the Sport model rises in price and can reach $ 429.

Then there are the Apple Watch Edition, with gold dial and straps “normal” that start at $ 5.999, but that may be up to $ 20,000 if you choose also the band “Gold”.

What do you think of these prices? How many of you are goint to buy one of them and which model?

I would like to know your opinion about this in the comments below!!

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  1. This just makes me want buy stock in apple truthfully. =D