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Qwikrazor87 Releases Another Exploit for the PSVita frimware 3.36

Just a few days ago qwikrazor87 released the Papaton2 exploit, so you could get VHBL on firmware 3.36 and by now the game has been pulled from the PlayStation store. Well we have good news for you as qwikrazor has done it again, with another exploit for firmware 3.36.

This new exploit qwikrazor87 has just released is ARK for Numblast/Qruton and this exploit should be available in US, EU, JP and AS (HK). So for those of you that missed out on the last release, you better hurry up and get this one before its to late..Ark psvitaThese files below are only for Numblast/Qruton and they are not for any bubbles. So just download the game from psn and put the gamesave file you download below in where your pc keeps your psvita files. Then install the game save to the PSVita or PSTV via cma. Launch Numblast on the PSVita/PSTV and Ark will start to load..

If you want to thank qwikrazor for his work on the psvita scene, you can always donate to him via paypal here


Version 2: kexploit executes quicker than v1

Version 1:

AS (HK):

ARK-2 source:

You can also get all your emulators (NES,SNES) and homebrew here at these links.. & psvita-easy-to-install-emultors & homebrew and Top-10-psp/psvita-emulators & homebrew


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  1. I have the game installed the files downloaded and cma installed on my pc but i’m not sure what to do next. I am completely new at this so any help would be appreciated.

  2. idk what to do at can some point me to a tut pls..

    total noob :I

  3. yeah i bought it and thanks for the link:)

  4. If I already have patapon2, does this worth it? Or is it the same?

  5. Does anyone know a good guide which shows how to install a snes or GBA emulator?

    I would really appreciate it if you could share a link or youtube video 🙂
    Kind regards

  6. Question: i download the game(finally with an european account), now… what i have to do?… can someone give me a link, to help me to continue?… all i want is install emulators, and psp games…. TY ALL

    • Ok, now download the game save files. put it where pc kepts them. then transfer the game save via CMA. Run numblast an ark will appear. check out our download section and forums for all kind of emulators and homebrew.

  7. hello again ive installed ark and also installed snes emulator but when i try to run it i get an error (C1-2858-3) any fix or why its its happening?

  8. is this exploit also work on ps vita slim (2006 series)?

  9. So so i bought the game and transferred the files via CMA but when i load it up the game plays normally. and says there isn’t a save file would i like to create one i tried both options and nothing works you should make a video tutorial …. im obviously to stupid to understand a little copy and paste action..

    • Have you tried the second version or first? next make sure you copy over both saves (NPUG80320KEXPLOIT & NPUG80320SAVEDATA) into the vita with CMA. Then launch Numblast.. make sure you are using the right region save too..

  10. I got it to run and everything, trying to install an emulator, completely lost. I copied the folder into every possible place and I don’t see it in the ARK. Any pointers?

    • You I have to put them in the game folder and make sure you or ark unzipped the emulators. Make sure to get PSP filer up and running first. as it comes in handy from time to time.

      • It completely ignores anything that isn’t zipped or a file type. I can’t unzip from inside the ARK and if I can, I don’t know how.

  11. i missed numblast on psn… game was no longer available for purchase….:-(

  12. numblast was no longer available on psn singapore (asia) … 🙁

  13. when i try to purchase the numblast error says it “this content is may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale” i think sony monitor your website 24/7 that is why they easily patch or remove the game exploit that you posted

  14. I logged into the PS Store (EU) 10 mins ago, and it was still there.

  15.’s working but where can I download the ark menu like your’s ?

  16. i put the v2 and tried different emulators and they install but once i try to start the homebrew or emulator it freezes then gives me the error..(C1-2858-3) something i did wrong maybe?:/

  17. okay so i downloaded version two do i put both folders into the save data folder together or in separate folders. after that when i boot the game up will it load automatically or will i have to load it up

  18. So first off this is my first time ever doing anything like this before so here goes. Im running 3.36 firmware with Arkv2 with 138image i transferred over roms with the (SNES9xTYLMecm v0.4.2Mod r26) when i go to boot it up the rom folder is empty..what did i do wrong please help.

  19. I copied over the save files from v3 and loaded the title, but I am just stuck at a grey/teal screen with nothing else. Nothing appears to be loading and there is no UI for status or prompts.