How To Get The PSVita Menu On Your PSP

A lot of you where asking about this picture I posted on twitter earlier today, with the PSP having the PSVita menu.

This homebrew is just like a irshell for the PSP. In this video, you can see thatย the PSVita look a like menu is running on the PSP and it’s functional.

So have some fun tricking your friends into thinking that your PSP is now your PSVita, because I did it to a few of my friends and co-works. It was hard for me to hold a straight face when they where like, can you do that to mine..

Click here to download the Vita live area for the PSP

Important: You need a PSP on CFW.

1. Download it and extract it.
2. Connect your PSP with your PC.
3. Copy the folder VitaArea to PSP/GAME your PSP.
4. Start it and have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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