The New Sony Walkman & Playstation Now on other Devices..

Sony at CES 2015, wasn’t really a big deal as most of the devices there have been on the market for little bit. They did speak about the hack that just happened recently, but the only thing I can say is they are bring back something new but old at the same time its the Sony Walk Man. The Walkman is just a high end Android mp3 player with a price tag of $1200 dollars.15485

I’m sorry but Sony has failed once again with a product that no one really needs or anybody in there right mind would buy. When are Smartphone, tablets, and more that can do the same thing at a cheaper price, so you can use the rest of your money on you.


Next Sony was showing off PlayStation Now on multiple Sony devices and I heard that Samsung will also be able to use PlayStation Now on some of their smart TVs. I had a chance to play with it, on one of the Sony blu ray players.

It seems to run very smooth but at the same time it’s probably in a closed networking environment. Here is a list of Sony devices that PlayStation now will work with.wpid-20150106_154117.jpg

Blu-Ray Players





Bravia 4K

XBR X90C series/XBR X910C

XBR-X930 series /X940C

XBR-X850C series

XBR-X830C series

Bravia HD








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