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The OBOX a Different Type of gaming console

The OBOX is a very inserting gaming console as its a open operating platform. The Obox uses Android kitkat 4.4 as it’s OS and is google play compatible. So any thing you bought in the Play can be added to the OBOX and they are also supporting PC game ports to there console.Untitled

Now this is where the OBOX grabbed my attention as we all have seen what previous Android base console can do. The OBOX is powered by Nvivdia K1 processor in two optional configurations: The standard config is quad-core K1 TD570 2.0 ghz cpu and the premium config uses K1 TD575d  2.2ghz cpu. Which both include 4gb ram and 4gb rom and is compatible with 2.5/3.5 sata HDD.

The Obox also has a module design to it with 4 part interchangeable design. This concept is a great idea, as it could cater to each person’s particular needs. At the same time it will prolong the OBOX lifecycle and make it cheaper for future upgrades.wpid-20150106_123852.jpg

The controller for the OBOX is all in one unit with 9-axis sensors, to create a handy air mouse. Compared to the touch pad that most console have now a days.

Snail has independently developed a 3D game engine the enables 3D output without any special setup, so just connect it to your 3D TV and have fun. It even as 3 channel HDMI output, with multi-channel on screen video and recording function with 5.1 audio channel decoder and surround-sound stereo support.

Once again there was no price, but I heard it could range from $300-$500 dollars. Which its not a bad price for all the features in the OBOX and it could be upgraded later. You can checkout the OXBOX at Snail.com

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