Damn Trolls got me.. 3DS Gateway 3.0

I was checking my email and seen that email from Gateway team. I got real exited about it, cause of a 3.0 release in five days. Now I do get emails from the Gateway team every so often and this is entirely my fault has I didn’t do my homework on the email.


I don’t know why but someone (DAMN TROLLS) decided to email me from a bogus account with that fake email from Gateway and I fell for it. Now this has happen before, but I would do my homework first.

Then I write something up if it was real, which I didn’t this time. So I’m sorry if I got your hopes up, but believe me I was just as excite as you were. Now I promise this will not happen again, as will make sure to do my homework on an email or whatever comes my way.

Sorry everyone,


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  1. Wouldn’t your homework have been done if you just downloaded the *fake* flies??