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Hi guys! Darkamon here, I’m back from the dead to bring you a nice review for the new top product made by Samsung: Galaxy Note 4.

It was 2011 when Samsung introduced the world to a gigantic Android Smartphone, the Galaxy Note.

From a height of 5.3 inches diagonally, that device was defined – let me say, with a certain amount of irony – as the first cross between a phone and a tablet (at that time, remember, was a plethora of phones 3.5 inch).

Yet, in the intentions of its creators, the idea of a “big phone” full-screen and stylus was anything but an exercise in style, but rather an attempt, in real brave enough, to change the rules of the game.


After three years we can say: Samsung was right there. If smart phones bed – or rather the tablet, to use a term coined in the aftermath of the output of that bigfoot – are becoming more common, you must own the brilliant idea of the designers of the Korean company. Able to convince everyone (even Apple!) The opportunities offered by the device in large sizes.

IMG_5019-Large-1000x600 IMG_5021-Large-1000x600

Paradoxically, for Samsung the difficult starts now.

Now that the competition seems to be aligned on the high-inches screens, the Korean company is well aware that the size, by them, is not enough.

We want more.

More than a great phone, they would say the nostalgic spots 80s, it takes a great phone. What he wants to be in the end the new Galaxy Note 4, fourth descendant of the now populous progeny of jumbo-powered Android phone, the has arrived in stores in October for 769$.

Thanks to the availability of Samsung, I had the opportunity to test a model of pre-production for a few weeks, obtaining some impressions. I tell the hereafter in this review.

IMG_5025-Large-1000x600 IMG_5027-Large-1000x600 IMG_5032-Large-1000x600

The Galaxy Note 4 reconfirms the style a bit “tied up” of Note 3, with one major difference: the presence of a metal finishing along the entire profile of the display.

An insert that gives certain elegance to the whole, as befits a terminal designed for customers essentially business. Good feeling to the handle.

Despite the 5.7-inch diagonal, the Notes 4 remains absolutely light and not too difficult to keep in a hand.


Samsung confirms his great skills in assembling quality display unleashing a stunning AMOLED screen 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution (for a total pixel density of 500 ppi).

The numbers, by themselves, do not make it about the experience that the screen of Note System has to offer live: for brightness, contrast, viewing angle is really to rub your eyes.

The good feeling that I had had in September in reading the match report of the technical specifications (quad core Snapdragon processor 805, 3 GB of RAM, and more) are confirmed also in practical experience.

As I have been granted to see, the Galaxy Note 4 it seemed a step above the average of the terminals Android flagship.

Try to believe the fluidity of the terminal when it comes to managing two overlapping windows in multitasking.

Great attention was paid to the management of energy resources: the size of the battery is almost unchanged compared to the Galaxy Note 3, but the new tablet Samsung has from its function of super-energy-saving (already seen on the Galaxy S5) and a system quick charger that promises procurement times record: to charge your phone at 50%, says Samsung, enough hours 30 minutes.

The leap forward compared to the past is not only the rain of megapixels now available for the main camera (well 16, who offers more?). Samsung has also worked hard on the lens side (the front) by integrating a sensor stabilized aperture f 1.9 that promises Selfie ever so bright and “steady”.

Note, always on the front of the resources for selfie-maniacs, the decision to use the rear sensor for the measurement of the heart rate as a secondary shutter button and the integration of a function overview par the wide angle up to 120 degrees wide.

S Pen
If there is an element that distinguishes the Galaxy Note to all by now countless imitations, this is his pen.

In this respect, the S-Pen of Note 4 is much more of an upgrade than the stylus of his predecessor. Samsung has doubled the number of pressure levels, making the experience of writing ever so close to that of the pen on paper.

Note 4 compared to iPhone 6 Plus

IMG_5043-Large-1000x600 IMG_5051-Large-1000x600 IMG_5052-Large-1000x600 IMG_5053-Large-1000x600 IMG_5056-Large-1000x600 IMG_5057-Large-1000x600

The Galaxy Note 4 is the best Android device from Samsung. On balance the 769$ required by Korean company for the base model is not a blunder: for display quality, performance, unique features (all multitasking and resources related to S-Pen) the tablet Samsung is one of the investments safer for those who, even before you buy a new device, are already thinking about its possible devaluation.

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